Артикул: VHT-501

Bысоко мощный передатчик VHT501 специально разработан для того чтобы совместно с приемником позволить антеннам значительно увеличить свою способность зондирование на большой глубине. Сравнительно низкое потребление мощности данного модуля позволяет его использование с SIR-3000 производства GSSI без дополнительных устройств вплоть до частоты 12 кГц.

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The GPR Plug-In High Power Transmitter VHT501

The high power plug in transmitter VHT501 is the most affordable and highest quality available device for deep penetration geophysical surveys. It is designed in a way that it fits into any antenna supporting GSSI compatible plug-in electronics.

Bi-static when it's needed

Ground Penetrating Antennas equipped with the TR501 transceiver deliver very clean and low noise data; but sometimes the survey site demands a bit more of penetration in the media or a better top resolution. In that kind of situations a combination of the RX501 receiver and the VHT501 high power transmitter are a saving solution. If from the beginning one doesn't have a RX501 available then a TR501 can be used instead or as a last resort even a GSSI 769DA2 is capable to work together with the VHT501 high power transmitter.

Accessories? No, thanks!

The power consumption of the VHT501 high power transmitter is minimized by a careful and efficient design. That fact allows to use it directly connected to the SIR-3000 radar system with up to 12 kHz and full scan rate. For average geophysical or archeological surveys the VHT501 is ideal because the SIR-3000 won't complain, or beep, or hang with it; it just works and collects the needed data. You won't be needing to buy any break-out box or support unit to operate our VHT501 with a reasonable survey speed and a small and easy to carry radar system.

No slow fall time means no trailing ringing

The VHT501 combines classical approach on high voltage multipliers with state of the art magnetics to deliver clean and well defined pulses. The output pulses have no long fall times causing ringing in the transmitting antennas. The phase unbalance of the VHT501 outputs is below 2.5 degrees guaranteeing low ringing in properly balanced antennas.

User friendly interface is one of the goals

When it was time to design the front interface for the VHT501 high power transmitter we confronted a bit of a dilemma, what connector to use?. We could have used the SMA connector as in our transceiver TR501, as a matter of fact it would have been the logical choice. Then we thought that some of our customers perhaps don't have a TR501 but a 769DA2 with a BNC connector and that even if they had a TR501 they would need to purchase a trigger cable anyway. At the end we decided to make it easier for our customers and went for a BNC connector. The handle of the unit was chosen so it is easy to connect BNC connector.