Георадар SPG-2309

Артикул: SPG-2309
Георадар SPG-2309 для дронов
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Категории: Георадары

Теги: Георадар SPG-2309 для дронов


Георадар SPG-2309 для дронов

Центральная частота -400 МГц

Ультра точный GPS

Ethernet & WiFi интерфейс

Air-born GPR system

The SPG2309 air-born ground penetrating radar system is a state of the art survey device specifically designed to be mounted on UAVs. The system contains all the required parts to efficiently acquire and store underground survey data at high speeds. The data can be transferred to the control computer via the Ethernet port, WiFi link or stored on board on the SD Card mounted on the device.

Low power requirements, 12V/330mA, 3.96W supplied via power port or PoE (automatic).

Multiple communications channels, Ethernet or WiFi (automatically selected).

Embedded location services, GPS port to acquire and embedd coordinates in the data.

Efficient transmission rate, 156kHz PRF for maximum penetration and lowest SNR.

Several range options, 25.4ns, 51.2ns, 76.6ns and 102.4ns.

High stability resolutions, 50ps, 100ps, 150ps and 200ps (automatically selected).

Fast data collection, 100 traces/second (Ethernet).

Dual gain system, point by point hardware and software gain for an exact control.

Automatic filtering system to reduce the amount of required settings from the user.

High accuracy GNSS GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO receiver included in standard delivery.

Accessible M5 mounting points for easy UAV deployment.

Optimized UI for intuitive and comfortable operation on laptops and tablets as well.