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Akula 9000
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The Akula 9000 is the perfect choice for you deep and mid range ground penetrating radar (GPR) applications. With a bandwidth from 20MHz to well beyond 1200MHz and a super fast acquisition times this unit will comply with all the survey needs of deep and mid range applications. The exceptionally low power consumption and the easy user interface will make the Akula 9000 your unit of choice for applications such as:

Utility detection and mapping
Void detection and location
Environmental damage location
Forensic investigations
Water table depth investigation

The Akula 9000 comes complete with:

  • a netbook where the data is stored and our collecting software GAS and post-processing software GPRSoft Std are installed,
  • a control cable,
  • a battery,
  • a charger and
  • a sturdy transit case

You still will need an antenna and probably a survey cart to be comfortable during the survey. A comprehensive list of all available options and accessories is provided in the user manual of the unit. For registered customers a training session is free of charge at our facilities in Boden, Sweden.

This control unit is made completely of solid aluminum pieces and all the material used in the manufacturing process have been carefully selected to supply the highest standard of quality and durability for many years to come. In fact, we are so confident on the quality of the unit that we offer not one, and not even two, but three year warranty on the main unit.

What extras do you get with Akula 9000?

The Akula 9000 can be used with all our antennas with center frequencies up to 700MHz. A unique feature of this ground penetrating radar control unit compared to other similar equipment in the market is that it supports intelligent antennas. Upon power up the unit communicates with the antenna and establishes an exchange of data that will allow for identification and calibration of the internal parameters of the radar depending on the type of the antenna connected. This might seem as not a big deal since you already know what kind of antenna you are attaching to your radar, but there is more to it that the first impression seems to reveal. The Akula 9000 recalibrate the unit so you get the best possible data over and again without having to send anything back to the factory. This in a big advantage over the competition.

The concept with the intelligent antennas is not all about recalibration, but also about protection and early fault detection. The communication with the antenna is carried on with an well proven industry standard protocol allowing for long cables to be used and no interference introduced.

Another unique feature of our Akula 9000 is that it integrates the gps coordinates data in each and every trace of the radargram. This can be retrieved later on with our first class post processing software GPRSoft PRO to get not only the features under ground, but also their exact position.

GPR data screenshots

It has taken us a little time to release this unit and one of the main factors contributing to that is that we do not compromise data quality. We strived to get the best possible data quality and we believe we succeeded beyond expectations.

The data file on the left shows raw data collected with the Akula 9000 and our ground coupled antenna GCB-300A. The two hyperbolas in the file are two 500mm in diameter drums buried at 0.87 and 1.4 meters depth. As one can immediately appreciate there's no ringing in this data, there's no "high frequency" noise, no spikes or any other kind of "anomalies" one have seen in files collected with other equipment. One thing that should not escape your attention is that no post processing was required to actually "see" the two drums under the ground.

The data quality is assured to be the same in the broad temperature interval the system was designed to work. There won't be no drifting of the transmitting pulse caused by temperature, voltage on the battery or any other external factors. So, in principle one could say that the only thing required to get outstanding radar data is to setup the system properly from the start and just run the survey. The system will take care of the rest and there won't be any surprises forcing you to start all over again.

Even with air launched antennas such as the FLB-390 the Akula 9000 shows outstanding raw data. The focusing properties of the FLB-390 and the low noise with which the data is collected makes the pipes on the picture look already migrated and ready to load into the 3D processing module.