The success of our GeoPointer X© wouldn't have been completed without our triggering device TRG-817. It is essentially this device that makes so easy to incorporate GPS positions and GPR markers into a unified database for a later linking process. This unit can be used inside a car or wherever the main ground penetrating radar unit is located to facilitate the use of both acquisition softwares.

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Mapping your gpr profiles could be a good idea

It is always a good idea to be able to say where each gpr profile was collected. It is an even better idea to be able to say where exactly each part of the profile was collected. That's the main reason why we decided to develop our software GeoPointer X©. Unfortunately there wasn't at that moment any easy way to tie the ground penetrating radar data with the database containing the GPS position that were collected during the survey. That was the reason for the TRG-817 to appear in our list of standard products.

The main idea was to create a device which was completely transparent to the radar system, electrically isolated and capable of inserting fiducial marks in the data. These marks were needed to be able at later time to reference the GPS positions with exact places on the radargram.

We succeeded not only to make a completely electrically isolated unit from the radar control unit, but also to provide the customer with the ability of having a feedback to GeoPointer X© about the radar collecting data or not. This is very important since the PC running the GPS software and the radar control unit are not synchronized in any way.

Is that all there is to it?

The TRG-817 has not only the ability to insert marks in the collected data, but also a very convenient output/input connector for survey wheel encoders. This input will work independently of a PC being connected to the USB port or not.

Currently the TRG-817 can be equipped as an option with an altimeter and the readings of the altimeter can also be read by GeoPointer X©. This can be very useful for customers who want to make at later point topographic adjustment for the collected data.

What else do you need?

Besides the dual marker switch you will also need a copy of our software GeoPointer X©, and of course to install the drivers to run this unit. The unit comes with all the required cables and a CD containing the drivers and a small version of the software GeoPointer X©. It can be up and running in no time at all.