The support unit for very high power transmitters PRFPLUS-600 makes possible the use of the very high power plug-in electronics model 778 from GSSI or our VHT501 in higher PRF and scan rate modes. This unit provides the user with the possibility of running high speed surveys while using the SIR-3000 radar system. It is also useful when using "high power" output radars such as the SIR-2 and the SIR-2000.

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Save Time, See More and Don't Loose Valuable Data!

Anyone who has tried to connect the very high power transmitter 778 from GSSI to the SIR-3000 knows what a complaining beep of the radar system sounds like. Those who are lucky get away just by unplugging the unit and taking a deep breath while connecting back the short coax on the transceiver unit. Those of us who were not lucky enough ended up reinstalling the software in the radar unit. And all that trouble because in the reality the SIR-3000, while an excellent unit; was not designed to handle that kind of power.

The transceiver model 769DA2 from GSSI is an excellent piece of hardware only super exceeded by our TR501, but in either case one would like to have a little more penetration. Then is when you get to the phone and order a more powerful unit to do the job. After having all set there it comes; the beep you don’t want to hear. What to do?

The solution is finally here and is called the PRFPLUS-600! (say pee-ar-eff-plus six hundred)

It is: safe, easy to operate, slim, not power hungry, RoHS compliant, EMC compliant and well, it looks nice too.

The PRFPLUS-600 will not only allow for faster surveys but will also protect the high voltage circuitry of your expensive radar system. The PRFPLUS-600 was designed in such a way that it isolates (DC, of course) completely the radar unit from the plug in electronics, providing a barrier and a protection with it. If something goes wrong with your plug in electronics you'll know about it in good time. The power for the plug in electronics is suspended immediately after a fault condition has been detected and there's a second chance for your equipment.