Newer ground penetrating radar systems from GSSI have been optimized for low power consumption and sharp triggering edges, but, as always, there is a price to pay for good things. These radar systems are incapable of driving cable lengths exceeding 30 meters or 10 feet. For borehole antennas going into the ground several tens of meters that can be a huge problem. The LLD702 long line driver deals with those issues in the best effective and hassle free way.

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When thirty meters cable is not enough

The need for longer cables to drive the ground penetrating radar antennas can arise at any moment, usually when least expected. In the case of newer GSSI radar systems buying a new longer cable might help or might not, everything depends on the length of the new cable. GSSI states a maximum of 30 meters (98.4 feet) cable for their top of the line radars the SIR3000 and the SIR20. We have found out that in the reality a little bit more than that is achievable, although the data does indeed starts to deteriorate short after that.

In this particular situation there are a couple of options available to the gpr practitioner: to buy a long line driver from GSSI or to buy the long line driver LLD702 from us. For us the choice is obvious, but of course you might say that the reason is obvious as well. Let's take a closer look at what we have to offer and why we believe ours is better.

How the LLD702 is better than similar units in the market?

The main three reasons to buy our LLD702 are:

It does not need any extra short cable: our unit connects directly to the ground penetrating radar unit and presents an output to the control cable identical to the one the radar usually presents. This is very important because extra cables translate rapidly into extra cash spended for the same purpose.

It has faster triggering pulses: the output triggers from the LLD702 are 0.7ns faster than similar units giving a lower jitter and consequently a lest time distortion on the acquired b-scans.

It has a LF amplifier: the LLD702 has an internal broadband amplifier for the data line to compensate for all the loses in the long cable. Extra software gain won't be necessary in this case.

The LLD702 is ideal to drive borehole antennas

If one of your main applications is borehole antenna surveys then the LLD702 is something you are going to need sooner or later when operating them with the SIR3000 or SIR20 from GSSI. Is our experience that the SIR20 can run longer cables than the SIR3000, but even then the benefits of using the LLD702 are many.

You can find out more about the LLD702 in the users manual.