The survey trailer GST806 is a very rugged and light weight trailer for antennas large geotechnical antennas. It is designed so one can tow it behind any vehicle equipped with a standard 50mm hitchball. The trailer is completely built out of fibre glass and plastic junctions to prevent interference with the antenna elements. It also has an integrated survey wheel encoder for applications requiring exact locations of features under the ground.

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Comfortable Geotechnical Surveys

Is not uncommon for geotechnical surveys to employ large "low frequency" antennas. Even for antennas with moderate footprints like the Subecho line of antennas from Radarteam Sweden AB, it is not always comfortable or economically sound to do surveys walking. Mounting the antennas in the front grill of a vehicle is not an option because the majority of these antennas are unshielded and will interact easily with the metal chassis of the vehicle. In order to obtain good results one has to maintain the metal body of the vehicle at least one wavelength from the antenna, preferably more than so

The GST806 is a survey trailer which solves all the majority of the problems exposed above. It will make possible to attach any large antenna to it and perform surveys while sitting comfortable in your vehicle. The trailer has two bars that makes the adjustment of the height extremely easy. From high vehicles like SUV's to normal size cars there is always a correct adjustment to avoid the tilting of the antenna. This is important since the radiation patterns of the antenna are directly coupled to the height of the antenna above the ground.

A very important feature of the GST806 is that it is extremely compact and can be transported easily in the trunk of a small car. The parts are prepare with quick release snap buttons for a fast and easy assembly of the unit in the field. Since the unit is made of fiber glass and sturdy plastic junctions it doesn't weight much neither.

Be aware of the cables

The GST806 has an embedded survey wheel encoder that provides distant information to the ground penetrating radar unit through the control cable. Extreme care must be exercise when arranging the survey wheel cable to the transceiver/receiver and the control cable to the radar. These cables can interact with the antenna and produce unexpected results in the data. We have found that the best way is to try to maintain them perpendicular to the E-field of the antenna.

What else do you need?

Obviously you need a cable that can connect to our encoder, but that you can find in the cables section of this website.