This cart was specifically designed to work together with the 5103 antenna from GSSI or the otherwise known as "the 400". This cart is particularly useful for surveying walls when the operator has to hold the antenna against the wall all the time. The ENC711 has an inbuilt survey wheel allowing for an easy way of carrying on with distance mode surveys. The survey cart is completely made out of milled aluminum and therefore is very light and durable.

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Easy surveys on walls is now possible

This cart was specifically designed to work with the 5103 antenna from GSSI, otherwise known as "the 400". This antenna while is not particularly heavy can become hard to hold against walls if the survey goes on for more than just a few minutes.

The solid construction of this device makes possible to use it under very tough conditions for a long period of time. The entire frame is made of milled aluminum sheets with angular reinforcements to prevent the side walls spreading out under preasure. The wheels are the same type used in roller skates and use high quality ball bearings to ensure a smoth movement and a reliable grip on the surface.

The ENC711 is very compact and can be attached all the time to the antenna or separately. Since only six screws are needed to attach it to the antenna then it can be assembled in just a few seconds. The survey cart has a red arrow on the side that is placed precisely at the center of the antenna. Considering that there is a separation of 160mm between the transmitter and the receiver in the antenna, then it is a good idea to be able to pinpoint the middle of the antenna accurately. That is specially important since the 5103 lacks such a marking on the chassis and sometimes it is absolutely necessary.

There's a survey wheel encoder too!

The ENC711 not only makes it easier to use the antenna on walls, but also gives you the possibility to use distance mode surveys. Thanks to the embedded encoder in the rear left wheel it is possible to do precise measurements on walls too.

The embedded encoder is of a magnetic type which doesn't give hundreds of ticks per second, but it is much more robust and reliable than optical ones.

What else do you need?

Obviously you need a cable that can connect to our encoder, but that you can find in the cables section of this website.