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TR501 ― Geo-scanner.ru

The GPR Plug-In Transceiver TR501

The TR501 transceiver is the logical choice if you need a new plug-in transceiver for your existing GSSI compatible antennas or if you are planning to buy new ones. Why?, because it's better, lighter, less expensive, has more functionality and looks nicer than anything else one can find in the market today.

There is no need for extra accessories

The TR501 fits without modifications or amendments into any antenna supporting GSSI compatible plug-in electronics. It gives the possibility of using marker, survey wheel or bistactic mode operation without any extra cost. No need to buy expensive breakout boxes or anything like it in order to use the survey wheel.

Added performance at no extra cost

The TR501 has two separate transmitting channels for each antenna terminal, both are carefully matched by amplitude and phase so the ringing back from your antenna is minimized. There are no late returns causing inexplicable horizontal lines and most importantly there are no dead zones of tens of nanoseconds. The data is sampled using top of the line extra low noise bridges with differential output to the last stage. The unit is calibrated so your competitor won't be getting any better data from our TR501, or any worse for that matter. We guarantee reliability and repeatability of the results, why should one get better or worse data than others if the price is the same? No, of course no reason at all.

User friendly interface is one of the goals

While designing the front panel of the TR501 we put special effort in making all the labels clear and easy to understand. We tried to make the use of the device as intuitive as we could given the space constrains we had. Everybody knows what a radar is and where to connect an output that says external or internal. The handle of the unit is about half an inch higher than in the competitors model, that's to easy the connection of the big radar cable. The RF transmitter loop was made very short, we wanted to avoid it getting stuck in the branches in the forest where some times geophysical surveys also take place.