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Smart adapters

Smart Adapters To Extend Your Hardware

One of the areas we excel at are the smart adapters. These units really extend your existing hardware beyond what the original manufacturer had in mind. Find ways of making tomographic surveys with one channel radar systems and many other outstanding capabilities.

The dual antenna splitter DAB-601 makes possible the use of two antennas in bistatic mode with radar systems that have only one channel. The DAB-601 has an extra feature that it automatically selects whether to send the TR/RX to the same channel or to separate ones depending on how many antennas are connected. This adapter allows furthermore the use of survey wheel and marker for those antennas that do not have special outputs for that.

Using two antennas with single channel ground penetrating radars can be achieved using the DAB-601. The DAB-601 however, won't let you choose where the transmitter and where the receiver are. In some ocasions it is necessary to be able to swap back and forth the role of the antennas in the bistatic configuration. This has to be done without deataching the antennas and this is when the DAB-602 comes handy, since that is exactly what it does.

Newer ground penetrating radar systems from GSSI have been optimized for low power consumption and sharp triggering edges, but, as always, there is a price to pay for good things. These radar systems are incapable of driving cable lengths exceeding 30 meters or 10 feet. For borehole antennas going into the ground several tens of meters that can be a huge problem. The LLD702 long line driver deals with those issues in the best effective and hassle free way.

The support unit for very high power transmitters PRFPLUS-600 makes possible the use of the very high power plug-in electronics model 778 from GSSI or our VHT501 in higher PRF and scan rate modes. This unit provides the user with the possibility of running high speed surveys while using the SIR-3000 radar system. It is also useful when using "high power" output radars such as the SIR-2 and the SIR-2000.