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Plug-in Electronics

TX / RX Plug-In Electronics For Antennas

Our plug-in electronics for antennas developed by third parties are accurate and reliable. They have worked in different areas around the planet always providing the best attainable data quality. Our line of Plug-ins includes transceivers, transmitters and receivers with many options available for them.

The receiver configuration RX501 has a single sampler and is meant to be used in conjunction with the very high power transmitter VHT501. In fact, it is the same sampler used in the transceiver configuration.

The transceiver configuration TR501 has a sampler/transmitter combination together with the switching electronics, this makes possible the use of one antenna in monostatic mode. The signal to noise ratio of the sampler electronics has been optimized for superior performance still retaining a broad bandwidth.

The very high power transmitter VHT501 is designed for very deep survey together with the sampler unit. The power consumption of this unit has been optimized in a way that makes possible to use it with the SIR-3000 radar unit from GSSI without the need of any adaptor (Up to 12 kHz PRF and 30 scans/seconds).