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The Akula 9000 is the perfect choice for you deep and mid range ground penetrating radar (GPR) applications. With a bandwidth from 20MHz to well beyond 1200MHz and a super fast acquisition times this unit will comply with all the survey needs of deep and mid range applications.

Survey wheel cable for attaching a survey wheel from Radarteam Sweden AB to any standard survey wheel input compatible with GSSI Inc. This model is two meters long and is well suited for applications requiring longer cables, for instance when using two antennas in bistatic mode.

Survey wheel cable for attaching a survey wheel from Radarteam Sweden AB to any standard survey wheel input compatible with GSSI Inc. This model is half meter long and is well suited for applications requiring minimum cable length.

Transmitter trigger cable, it is used to connect the transmitter trigger output of the transceiver TR501 or receiver RX501 to the very high power transmitter VHT501 or the 778 from GSSI Inc.

Our harness, with fastening for our Akula 9000 control unit and a Panasonic CF-19 notebook, is the most comfortable solution for rough terrain survey equipment available on the market right now.

Used with our SVC-822 cart and FLB-390 antenna or the Scorpio-system it provides comfort as well as an ergonomic smart way of doing your survey. This offers the advantage of concentrating on the data collection process rather than on the discomfort of carrying the equipment.

The dual antenna splitter DAB-601 makes possible the use of two antennas in bistatic mode with radar systems that have only one channel. The DAB-601 has an extra feature that it automatically selects whether to send the TR/RX to the same channel or to separate ones depending on how many antennas are connected. This adapter allows furthermore the use of survey wheel and marker for those antennas that do not have special outputs for that.

Using two antennas with single channel ground penetrating radars can be achieved using the DAB-601. The DAB-601 however, won't let you choose where the transmitter and where the receiver are. In some ocasions it is necessary to be able to swap back and forth the role of the antennas in the bistatic configuration. This has to be done without deataching the antennas and this is when the DAB-602 comes handy, since that is exactly what it does.

The ECU902 is a display unit for quadrature survey wheel encoders with no index output. This unit in particular is very useful for assessing the cable length in applications such as borehole antennas surveys. Connected to the encoder of the tripod prove to be extremely useful in tomography surveys. The unit is absolutely transparent to the operation of the encoders connected to it and provides very bright readings even with direct sunlight.

This cart was specifically designed to work together with the 5103 antenna from GSSI or the otherwise known as "the 400". This cart is particularly useful for surveying walls when the operator has to hold the antenna against the wall all the time. The ENC711 has an inbuilt survey wheel allowing for an easy way of carrying on with distance mode surveys. The survey cart is completely made out of milled aluminum and therefore is very light and durable.

This hollow shaft magnetic encoder was developed primarily for our line of survey carts. It happened that some of our customers are very skilled manufacturing survey accessories as well and they wanted to buy just the encoder from us. We then decided to make the encoder solution for all of our customers who wanted it. The unit can be purchased with different magnetic rings to best suit your particular application.

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