The ECU902 is a display unit for quadrature survey wheel encoders with no index output. This unit in particular is very useful for assessing the cable length in applications such as borehole antennas surveys. Connected to the encoder of the tripod prove to be extremely useful in tomography surveys. The unit is absolutely transparent to the operation of the encoders connected to it and provides very bright readings even with direct sunlight.

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Display the distance where you are

In surveys involving borehole antennas and tomography the exact position of the antennas is a great concern for the surveyor. The position of the antennas are going to be used later on to produce accurate inversion models. Most GPR systems provide some sort of marker for the positioning of the antennas, but not always it is possible to get the current cable length close to the well where the investigation is taking place. Well, not anymore, at least not with our GTP-901 tripods and the newly developed ECU902.

The ECU901 doesn't take almost any power from the supply, yet it has very bright digits that can be seen even under very bright sunlight conditions. The operation of the unit is absolutely transparent to the operation of the GTP-901 and will not create any unnecessary delays or artifacts to the pulses going to the ground penetrating radar control unit.

Rugged construction and nice design

The display encoder is constructed in a aluminum profile making it very sturdy and resistant to adverse climate. All the connectors are high quality connectors with gold plated contacts and high mate/unmate counting cycles. The employed displays are HR displays capable of working in very hot or cold conditions without fading like many other displays on the market.

The unit is supplied as a standard with two meters cable, but other lengths are available as an option and can be specified when ordering. The calibration value can be accomodated as well to serve a vast variety of survey wheel encoders. So, if you do not have a GTP-901 tripod, but still need to check the length the encoder is counting then we will deliver a customized display for your particular survey wheel encoder.

What else do you need?

The ECU902 is coming with the cable to the encoder implemented in the tripod GTP-901 and therefore no other cable is required. However, if you are buying the display for any other type of encoder then you will need a cable to connect to your GPR survey wheel input or your antenna. The AMHRC710 listed here is the one to go.