The dual antenna splitter DAB-601 makes possible the use of two antennas in bistatic mode with radar systems that have only one channel. The DAB-601 has an extra feature that it automatically selects whether to send the TR/RX to the same channel or to separate ones depending on how many antennas are connected. This adapter allows furthermore the use of survey wheel and marker for those antennas that do not have special outputs for that.

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Bistatic or Monostatic?

In Ground Penetrating Radar the terms "Monostatic" and "Bistatic" are use quite freely. Many times when experts talk about antennas operating in monostatic mode, in the reality they mean bistatic mode but with the transmit and receive channels very close to one another. However, strictly speaking in monostatic operation a common antenna is used for both transmitting and receiving. While in bistatic operation, the transmitting and receiving antennas are different and might be placed at a considerable distance from one another. Any antenna that accepts plug-ins like the TR501 transceiver or in the lack of it a 769DA2 transceiver, can be operated in monostatic mode.

Is it any use of operating the antennas in bistatic mode?

What can be done in bistatic mode that cannot be done in monostatic mode? Common Mid Point (CMP) measurements, Wide-Angle Reflection and Refraction (WARR) test and Transilumination measurements are possible only in bistatic mode. All of which are direct wave measurements and they provide information about electromagnetic wave velocity in the media and sometimes are used for creating 3D radargram structures. It is possible to use two identical antennas with a two channel radar for performing measurements in bistatic mode. On the other hand if you have a single channel radar like the SIR-3000, then bistatic mode is not possible unless you have an antenna channel splitter like our DAB-601.

The DAB-601 Advantages over existing solutions

The DAB-601 has many advantages over all the existing solutions for GSSI compatible radar systems:

Both Monostatic and Bistatic modes of operation are supported
Full automatic switching, no coaxes involved
Marker button input connector present on the unit
Survey Wheel connector with output/input compatible with GSSI specs.
0.1dB Insertion Loss for triggers up to 3GHz.

On top of that the DAB-601 is safe, easy to operate, RoHS compliant and EMC compliant.

You can find out more about the DAB-601 in the users manual.